A. Safety

i. Eye protection must be worn at all times when participating in or observing play. Eye protection must meet ANSI Z87.1-1989 standards for protection.

ii. Face and mouth protection is strongly encouraged.

iii. Players that fail to meet safety guidelines will not be allowed to participate in, or observe play.

B. i Muzzle Velocity (Out door field)

i. Full Auto (Rifles and SMGs) - 10 Feet Minimum Engagement Distance

I. 1.6 Joules. This is 420 fps with a .20g BB and 375 fps with a .25g BB.

ii. Sidearms (Semi Auto Pistols)- No Minimum Engagement Distance

I. 1.5 Joules. This is 400 fps with a .20g BB and 360 fps with a .25g BB.

iii. Semi Auto (sniper rifle) - 50 Feet Minimum Engagement Distance

I. 3.3 Joules. This is 500 fps with a .29g BB and 445 fps with a .36g BB.

B. ii Muzzle Velocity (In door/CQB field/)

i. Full Auto (Rifles and SMGs) - No Minimum Engagement Distance

I. 1.3 Joules. This is 350 fps with a .20g BB and 310 fps with a .25g BB.

ii. Sidearms (Semi Auto Pistols)- No Minimum Engagement Distance

I. 1.5 Joules. This is 400 fps with a .20g BB and 360 fps with a .25g BB.

II. Player Responsibilities

A. General Conduct

i. The future of Airsoft depends on how we present ourselves both on and off the field. Therefore, you must endeavor to be responsible at all times by observing proper gun handling techniques. Treat every gun as if it were loaded. Don't point your weapon at anything you don't intend to shoot. Treat your Airsoft weapon as if it were the real thing. If you have any doubts as to how to handle your weapon safely, ask another player. Or, take a basic firearms safety course.

ii. Keep your Airsoft guns in a secure and safe location so they cannot be easily accessed.

iii. Always transport your Airsoft guns in a manner consistent with the laws governing the transport of real weapons. In a motor vehicle this generally means, unloaded and in the trunk.

iv. Never carry Airsoft guns in a concealed manner.

v. Never threaten anyone with an Airsoft gun, even in jest.

B. Field Guidelines

i. Every player must be familiar with the specific rules of the field on which they play.

ii. Field rules supersede all other guidelines in the event of conflicts.

iii. Violations of field rules will not be tolerated. Violating field rules may result in suspension of play privileges.

III. Game Responsibilities

A. Field Conduct

i. Airsoft is a game of honor, and as players we must take faith in the fact that other players will play honestly and call themselves out when hit. As such, it is each player's responsibility to maintain a proper attitude toward all other players. Any player guilty of un-sportsmanlike conduct, including yelling, obscene behavior, cursing, or disrupting play can be suspended from play.

ii. If you see another player get hit and they did not feel or hear it, do not yell at them. You must indicate to them the specific area that you saw your BB hit them. If the hit player is not responsive to your indication and a second player also saw the hit, that player should respond with "I second that hit." Upon hearing this, the indicated hit player must call himself out immediately. If said player is still not responsive, "parley" must be called and followed.

iii. If you see a teammate get hit, and they did not feel it, inform them of the hit so that they can call themselves out.

iv. Any form of physical altercation (i.e. fighting) will not be tolerated. If a player is ever involved in a fight, he will be suspended from SOCAL play for a minimum of two (2) months. If that same player is ever involved with a second fighting occurrence, that member will be banned from all future SOCAL games.

v. Do not walk into a game that is already in progress. If you were not ready by the time a game starts, wait for the next one.

vi. Don't shoot at the players in the field from the sideline.

vii. Do not intentionally block or provide cover for teammates after being hit.

viii. Eliminated players are forbidden to communicate with those still playing. This includes giving supplies (gas, bb's, etc.) to those that are still playing.

B. Hits

i. Any hit to any part of the body counts as a kill (including camel baks, etc).

ii. Hits to your gun counts as a kill.

iii. Friendly fire counts! If you are hit by your teammate, you are out.

iv. When two players engage each other in combat (whether at a distance or in close quarters), and both players get hit, both players are out regardless of who said "hit" first.

v. Rubber knife hits count as a kill (this includes being hit by a thrown rubber knife).

vi. Ricochets do not count.

C. Once You Are Hit

i. Immediately yell "hit" as loud as you can while raising your hands/gun and RUN off the playing field. It is highly recommended to have a red rag that you can place on your head as you leave the field to indicate you are dead.

ii. Do not continue to shoot after you have been hit, while you are leaving the field, or while you are a spectator.

iii. In some cases other behaviors (i.e. playing dead, standing in place, etc.) will be agreed to before hand. In these cases observe the appropriate conduct diligently.

D. Surrender

i. Asking for a surrender and surrendering is optional, but it is highly encouraged to ask for a surrender when you are within 5-10 feet of your player and his back is to you, or under similar situations. Please treat others as you would wish to be treated.

ii. If a different surrender rule is declared prior to a game then it must be followed.

E. Parley

i. If there is ever a dispute during play, call "Parley." Once this is called, both parties must immediately exit the field to reach an amicable resolution.