TacSim is simulation of tactical situations. SWAT skirmishes is a type of TacSim.

These are just a few, there are literaly thousands of scenarios you could come up with, be creative, be safe, play fair, and have fun.Game Variants:

1. Last man standing (Ultimos homo statans): All against all in a game often with limited time and area.
Back to basic: A game where only spring pistols is allowed. Ammo can be limited.

2. Terminate (Team mot team): Two teams that fight against each other until time has run out or one team has been annihilated.

3. Capture the Flag: Two teams play against each other and tries to take the other teams flag back to their on base (flag). The flag has to be carried clearly visible. This game can be played in two variants, "Live Flag" or "Dead Flag". In Live Flag the flag is dropped if the Flag carrier is shot, and a another player can pick the flag up. In "Dead Flag" the Flag carrier has to return the Flag to the enemies base, if the Flag carrier gets eliminated, before the Flag can be taken again.

4. Two bases one flag: In this game there is two bases, but only one flag and that flag is placed in the middle of the field between the two bases. One team begin in each base. To goal of this game is to take the Flag to the enemies bas. When the flag reaches the enemies base, the enemy looses. If the flag carrier is eliminated anyone can pick up the flag.

5. Grab the flag: Two teams, or more, that tries to be the first to reach the flag.The team that has the first player to reach the flag, alive, wins. This game should be played in fairly open terrain.

6. Traitors: Again two teams and this is a version of Capture the Flag. But the judges descretly chooses one player from each team that is given both teams teammarkers. Try to choose a player that havn't had much luck during the day. Inform the teams that each team has a traitor. The game is played as Capture the Flag, but after the game has lasted for 5 minutes the traitors can change team anytime they chooses. Don't trust your teammates.

7. Man hunt: A volontary player is the prey and the rest of the players is the hunters. The prey is given a pistol and some ammo, and the hunters can have whatever they want. The hunters should be between 4-10. The prey wins if he can reach a specific place within the timeframe. The hunter that shoots the prey wins otherwise. The hunters cant shoot each other.

8. Bounty Hunters: An everyman for himself game, where each player is issued a teammarker. Then the start signal is given all players runs out in the field. When the next signal is given the game starts. When someone is eliminated, the shooter gets the eliminateds teammarker. The shooter chooses if the eliminated should go to the shooter or if the shooter should collect the teammarker himself. Teamforming is not allowed and the formers is disqualified. Gametime should be atleast one hour and the winner is the player with the most markers.

9. Wanted, Prefered Dead: A small team, 20% of the players (Prisoners) shall travel thru an area that is guarded by 80% of the players. The prisoners cant have any big weapons or support weapons. The guards can have whatever they chooses. Each prisoner that reaches the goal is consided a winner. Timelimit is somewhere between 30 minutes to many hours.

10. Commando Raid: A small group is the commandos. The rest off the players is divided to guard the objectives. The defenders goes out to the field and begin to guard the objectives. Each objective should be guarded by the same amout of guards as the commandos are. The commandos is taken to a small zone outside the gamearea. This is their Insertion and Extraction Point. When the commandos has finnished with the mission, atleast 1/3 has to return to this zone or they cant win. Inform the commandos that they have to reach a point in the game area, the "Drop zone", where they will find information about what target they should attack and find the Flag. When they has taken the Flag from the objective they should leave the "Flag" at the "DropZone" and then return to the Extraction Point. There should be a time limit. The guards can barricade themself and send out patrols, but not leave the objectives unprotected.

11. Paratroopers: Two teams is divided. 1/4 of the players is the Paratroopers and they're blindfolded and taken out to their "DropZone". At the dropzone they're given a simple map over the area. The other players is split to defend 3 objects in the area. The goal for the paratroopers is to "take out" a objective by stealing it's Flag and return with the Flag to the "PickupZone". When the judge at the "PickupZone" has the Flag the paratroopers has won. The map should have faults and one of the objectives should be marked at the wrong place, or an extra flag could be marked.

12. Hostage rescue: Two teams is again divided. One team is divided into "Hostage" and "Rescue", while the other team is Guards. The hostage has to be divided to different locations. The rescue team can carry extra weaponary to the hostage. The hostage can attempt to flee but they can then be eliminated (Shot trying to escape). 50% of the Hostage has to be rescued.

13. SWAT terrorist elimination: Classic. A SWAT Team (25% of the players) shall clear an area of terrorists. Buildings is to prefer.

14. Kill house: A player or a small team shall clear a house that has been rigged by the organisers on the shortest time possible. Each room must be clear of targets but no friendly targets can be hit.

15. Assassins: Two players has to eliminate a specific player and reach their insertion point before the time limit is reached.

16. Killing of the Officers: Two teams, and each team has an Officer. The goal is to eliminate the other teams Officer without getting your own killed. Ammunition might be limited. Another variant is that the Officers cant move.

17. King of the Hill: 1/3 of the player barricades themself on a hill or relativly open area and the rest of the players is the attackers. On the top of the hill is a Flag, and the team that is closes to the flag when the time is out, wins. The hill should offer quite a lot of protection.

18. Reinforcements: King of the Hill variant with two teams. From one of the teams a smaller group (1/3) is choosen. This group barricades on the hill, round a Flag, while the big team is placed below the hill and out of range. The remaining 2/3 of the team is take to a place 5-10 minutes from the base of the hill. The team that is closes to the flag when the game ends, wins. Gametime should be between 20-40 minutes.

19. Zombies: This is another Team vs Team game, but all the eliminated players go to a third start point. When three eliminated players has reached that point, they form a zombie team and can play again. The new zombie team fight against all other teams, including other zombie teams. The game ends when there is only one player left from anyone of the original teams.

20. Trenches: A rectangular area about 50x125m is divided into 10 sectors, 2x5. The two teams should be big, 15-40 players, and they start on the opposite short sides of the field. The team that controlls most sectors when the game ends, is the wins. It takes atleast 2 men and no enemies in a sector too control it. The flesh wound rule is used.

21. Drag the doll: A Doll (Stuffed and mansize, should weigh atleast 40kg) is in the middle of a square arena. The arena is open and flat, but with a lot of junk for cover. Each side is the start for a team of 3-5 players. The goal is to grap the doll and drag it to you side. This game is supposed to be intensive and fast. It's basically CTF in an arena version.


Whichever team controls the majority of the eight buildings at the end of the game, wins the game. To control a building, a player must be inside and "alive" at the end of the game. In the case of a two story building, or a multi-roomed building, the team with the most occupying live players will control that building.

Strategies: It is an advantage to occupy as many of the buildings at the start of the game before the opposition has a chance to enter them. It is very difficult to remove an opposing player from a building once he is inside one of them. Care must be taken to avoid "friendly fire", as confusion occurs easily in this fast paced game where armbands will not be apparent due to the fact that players will be in buildings with only their heads showing.


A flag is hung, in full view, exactly half way between the two teams. The object is to capture the one and only flag and move it to the opposition's flag station, not back to your own.

Strategies: It is not a good idea to leave a defensive force at your flag station. If your team captures the flag, there will not be any opposition forces coming to your flag station. If you have the one and only flag, they have no flag to bring to your flag station anyway. If the opposition captures the flag, your team can be divided into a pursuit force and a defensive force. The defensive force will return to the flag station to prevent the opposition from hanging it there and wining the game. The pursuit force can follow and attempt to capture the flag from the opposition. If they are successful in this, the defensive force can be called forward to help with the attack on the opposition's defensive forces that will be defending their flag station.


An area is designated as the jail. It is exactly half way between the two team's starting points. If any player, of any team, is eliminated, he must immediately move to the jail. He will remain in the jail until one of his team mates enters the jail and tags him. Once he is tagged, he is instantly alive, he is able to return fire, be hit again, or even tag other members of his team. He must make an attempt to leave the jail as soon as possible.

An eliminated player in the jail may call out for a rescue or say anything he wants in this game. The only time a "live" player may enter the jail is specifically to rescue one or more of his own players. No player may purposely shoot through the jail at any time. At times a large flow of cross-fire through the jail may occur accidentally and players must be cautioned never to remove their goggles, even partially, while in the jail. The game is won by eliminating the other team, collecting them in the jail, leaving no one to come to the rescue.

Strategies: This game is usually won, or lost, in the first thirty seconds of the game. Which ever team controls the jail, can rescue their own players, and meanwhile prevent the opposition from rescuing theirs. If your team controls the jail, you will always be out in full-force while the opposition will start to accumulate in the jail. Once the jail has been secured, detachments can be sent out to hunt down the remaining opposition players still at large.


One team is placed in an easily defensible area. They are limited in their movements and must stay in the area of their defense. They are defending their flag, hanging well within their defensive positions. In order for the attacking forces to win, they must pull off the flag. It is not necessary to carry or move the flag, but simply pull it off the string without being eliminated.

Strategies: The attacking forces must maneuver aggressively to win. Since the defenders will know the attack is coming and will have a lot of players watching, it is better to run from cover to cover rather than try to sneak up closer. If possible, a human wave attack can be used successfully in this type of game, but are difficult to organize. Once a weakness is found, or created, in the defense, it is important to exploit the weakness immediately, before the defense can be reorganized.


The object is to simply eliminate the other team from play. There is no flags or flag stations in this game. Whichever team successfully eliminates the other team completely, wins. In the case of a time limit on the game, which ever team has eliminated more of their opposition, wins.

Strategies: It is a big advantage to keep your entire team together, as one large force. This will help to minimize friendly fire and to maximize the attacking force of the team. If the opposition divides himself into smaller forces, your large force will be able to attack them one by one, easily over powering their weaker numbers. If your team is spread out in the heavy bush , the use of code words can be used to reduce friendly fire.


A few foxes and singled out and identified by differing armband configuration. The rest of the players are all hounds. The ratio of foxes to hounds should be at least 10:1. The foxes are released first and are given a short head start. The hounds are then released to hunt down the foxes. For the foxes to win, at least one of them must survive the stated time period. For the hounds to win, they must hunt down all of the foxes within the stated time limit.

Strategies: The foxes should split up and attempt to hide. If the hounds bypass them in their search, this will open up the opportunity for the foxes to strike from behind, severely reducing the number of hounds, then disappearing once again. The hounds should try to search the field in one wide sweep, leaving no unsearched areas in their pass. If a fox is discovered, try not to let him out of sight as he will disappear once again and the search will have to start all over.


All players without an armband take up defensive positions at Firebase Gloria. The defenders can move out to the tire bunkers on the perimeter of the firebase clearing, but they may not pass them and move off into the bush. The players with armbands, red and blue combined, will attack the firebase. At the start of the game, the defenders have a huge numerical superiority of approximately 8:1. If an attacker is hit, he returns to the starting point, the paint is wiped off, and he resumes the attack. If a defender is hit, he returns to the starting point, changes to the appropriate armband, and he joins the attack.

New attackers must be reminded that both red and blue armbands are attacking and not to tag the other color. Gradually there is more and more attackers and less and less defenders. The game continues until all defenders have been eliminated.

Strategies: To be the last defender, either hide in one of the outer tire bunkers until all the defenders in the main complex of the Firebase have been eliminated, often the attackers will bypass the some of the outer defenses in their assault on the main complex. Or, hold out in the top of the tower as long as possible. Stay low and behind cover behind the small wall at the top of the stairs. When attacking, try to pick off a few defenders with long range fire. At the start of the game, it is difficult to approach the firebase because of the heavy concentration of defenders. This can be used to your advantage by spraying in shots into these areas from a long range. Any players hit will be back shortly to help you with the attack and the number of defenders will be reduced.