AirSoft has a relatively long history. It was first designed and marketed here in the United States about 30 years ago by a major air gun company. AirSoft was conceptualized as a new approach in BB gun application. In place of the utilitarian air gun designed for hunting, AirSoft was created with a purely recreational application in mind. It was also created for people who enjoy target practice or indoor plinking with friends who are not concerned about the high power hunting application of a BB or pellet gun but just want to have fun. This is exactly where AirSoft fits in.

The design of the AirSoft centers on a unique propulsion system utilizing a small amount of air to accurately shoot a lightweight BB. It produces lower impact energy with a less damaging projectile that is accurate enough to be FUN!
As AirSoft evolved, manufacturers added another important feature, which drew hobbyist and collectors alike. By modeling AirSoft after world famous pistols and rifles an entire line of Replicas were created. With further development, major Asian AirSoft manufacturers such as Tokyo Marui, KWC, and Outdoor/Indoor pursuit games, similar to Paintball games have experienced phenomenal growth in Europe, Japan and other countries worldwide.


Over several generations of product development and constant improvement, AirSoft are now, back in the U.S. newer and better than ever. The highly advanced plastic polymer manufacturing in Asia has created this new generation of AirSoft with good safety features, excellent qualities in details and much improved durability for Sport play. A major manufacturer such as KWC is ISO 9001 certified, thus assuring the highest quality product.

Both Indoor and Outdoor sport games are being played all over the United States. AirSoft sporting games offer its participants a safe and well-regulated environment for their fantasy play. They can imitate their favorite action movie stars for the duration of the game & get a good work out at the same time. These types of games require teamwork, cooperation and the spirit of fair play. It has been integrated into many Paintball sport facilities and playing arenas across the country.

Adding to AirSoft's hobby collector and sport games market, AirSoft has created new uses in firearm safety, law enforcement training and movie & theatrical productions. Highly detailed designs simulating various firearms offer a very realistic, and at the same time, much safer applications. Many police officers/ departments and firearm safety instructors choose AirSoft over other options to obtain realistic training without the inherent danger. In this digital age, many movie studios utilize AirSoft in their movie production magic.
The law

The U.S. government has specified regulations applicable to AirSoft products. AirSoft is a category of air guns subject to all distribution & usage restrictions. Consumers must be at least 18 years of age to purchase and full time parental supervision is required when used by younger persons. A permanent blaze orange marking at the fore end of all AirSoft is a federal requirement as a product distinction. All consumer application MUST have and retain this specified marking, with the exception of movie and theatrical applications.

Distribution and Marketing of AirSoft are to follow these consumer applications: -With the age restriction and federal and local air gun regulations.

1. AirSoft Sport Games - Promoting well regulated sporting events & competitions. Provide up to date information to consumers.
2. Movies and theatrical - Props, sold to certified movie studios or stage production.
3. Firearms training - Provided to consumer, firearm training facilities, law enforcement officers and agencies for firearm safety & handling training.
4. Collector / display - None firing, framed display of historical or collectable imitation firearm.


AirSoft possess an excellent future in the marketplace and will grow as the Paintball industry has, but only if all current and interested businesses follow and develop this product in a healthy and self regulated format. They must follow all current governmental guidelines and participate in their changes. We should see a quickly expending market very soon.